You can book the Parish Hall via the online booking system.

    •  Please use the online booking calendar to check availabilty, costs and to book here

    •  Please email the booking secretary if you have any queiries after checking the booking calendar This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Subject to room availability a provisional booking will be accepted. 

To secure your booking we will require a deposit in advance of the event:

For bookings for up to 4 hours - £15 deposit 

For bookings of 4 to 6 hours - £25.00 deposit 

For bookings over 6 hours £50.00 deposit 

For children’s parties -   full payment of £35.00

This will need to be paid once you have received your booking acknowledgement. You can pay by sending a cheque to the booking secretary or by bank transfer. You'll receive instructions when your booking is confirmed.


booking policy

All hirings are subject to our booking policy. Click here to read it.


If you intend to serve alcohol at your event you will need to submit a Temporary Event Notice to the local council. Click here for information.


fire capacity

until 01:00

Main hall only 120 £11 per hour
Complete hall (including jubilee room and kitchen) 150

£16 per hour

Special rate for private childrens' parties (including main hall, jubilee room and kitchen) for 3 hours  

£35 in total to be paid in advance

public events coming soon