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jubilee room
main hall
ladies toilets
main entrance
disabled toilets

There are three car parking areas, all with easy access to the hall. The smaller parking area at the front of the hall is usually used for loading and unloading at large events or is kept for the arrival of special guests such as the bride and groom at a wedding party.

Parking here is also recommended for people with special mobility needs as it allows easy access via a slope to the main entrance.

The main car park and the over flow car park are both accessed directly off the Upper Tockington Road and are separate to the area in front of the hall. These are floodlit for darker evenings.

All the car parks are tarmac and they have straight access to the hall.

coming soon

  • Pilates Sunday 17 December
    "A gentle and invigorating Pilates class run by a qualified Physiotherapist. Ideal for those looking to condition, stabilise and retrain the core, enhancing fitness and wellbeing. £6 for pay as you go classes or purchase a Class Pass at £30 for 6 classes."


  • Parish Players Rehearsal Monday 18 December


  • PIYO - Pilates Yoga then Bootcamp Tuesday 19 December

    9:30-10:30 all welcome

  • Table Tennis Wednesday 20 December

     Adult mixed. £2.50. Contact Jeanette or John Treby 01454 202319

  • Baby Ballet Thursday 21 December

    Dance and movement classess for 6 months to 6 years.

  • Parish Players Rehearsal Thursday 21 December


  • Parish Players Rehearsal Monday 1 January